Mechanical Shop

A Full Service Albuquerque Mechanical Shop

Car Crafters recently opened a brand new, 20,000 square foot facility, designed specifically for mechanical repairs and maintenance. Our goal at Car Crafters is to help you maintain the value of your vehicle. Every one of our mechanics is ASE certified, so only the best work on your car. Car Crafters stands above other repair facilities with our trained professionals, top of the line technology and our beautiful and accommodating facility. Stop on in today to get your car running at its best!

What We Offer

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Oil Changes
  • Brake Installations & Repairs
  • Alignments
  • Coolant Flushes
  • Tune-ups
  • Factory 60,000 Miles Service
  • Factory 90,000 Miles Service
  • AC Recharge & Winterizing
  • Diesel Repairs

Car Care 101

Proper tire maintenance is extremely important because the tires are the only thing between you and the road. The most important aspect of tire maintenance is the proper inflation of your tires. Tire rotation, balance, and alignment are important to ensure even tread wear and a comfortable ride.

Check Tire Pressure: The tire air pressure is the single greatest cause of tire damage and failure. Car Crafters always loves to answer your questions, but be careful that you don’t schedule a costly repair with any facility before checking your tire pressures. Occasionally your car may feel out of alignment or hard to control when your tire pressures are uneven. Low tire pressure can also contribute to losing control of your car in an emergency situation. The air pressure should be checked on all tires, including the spare, at least once a month. Please consult your owner’s manual for the manufacturers recommended tire pressure. Cold and Hot pressures can be found on the sidewall of the tire.

Balance: Wheel balance is a process in which you install small weights on the wheel to make your ride smooth and comfortable. When you will feel a vibration, especially at highway speeds, it is possible that your wheel is out of balance. In addition, an out-of-balance tire can cause a flat spot that requires replacement. This is a minor service that Car Crafters can easily take care of for you.

Rotate: It is a good idea to rotate your tires every 6,000-8,000 miles. This will prevent irregular and premature wear and allow you to get the maximum life expectancy from your investment. It’s a good habit to rotate your tires with every oil change.

Wheel Alignment: We suggest having the car’s alignment checked at least once a year or when your tires are replaced. You will also want to have the alignment checked if your vehicle has any of the following: irregular tire wear, pulling or drifting to one side or a steering wheel that is off center.

Tire Tread Depth: Your tire’s tread is extremely important for the traction of your vehicle in all conditions. The new rule for gauging the effectiveness of your tire tread is the quarter. Stick a quarter, with President Washington’s neck in the rubber, and look to see if any of his forehead is showing. If President Washington is peaking out of the tread, if is time to stop into Car Crafters, have us give you a professional opinion, and recommend you to a trusty tire shop for new tires and a safer vehicle.

Take care of your car’s fluids.

Remember to check all the fluids of your vehicle. The temperature of the vehicle not only affects the fluid levels but could cause injury if you come in contact with the hot engine parts.

Oil Change: While it is a good idea to follow the recommendation of your vehicle’s manufacturer, we recommend that you give your vehicle an oil change every 5,000 miles. Oil changes go hand in hand with replacing your filter. An oil change is only good when you replace the old filters as well. Think of making fresh coffee with the old filter, it’s never as good as when the filter is brand new. The oil levels should be checked at regular intervals or before trips. Changing and checking your vehicle’s oil is an inexpensive task that will ensure that it operates trouble free, extending the life of your engine and preventing costly repairs. When you add oil to the vehicle be sure not to add too much as excessive oil can cause serious engine problems. If disposing of the oil and keeping clean is not for you, Car Crafters can give you an oil change with all the accessories (filters and tire rotation) for only 30 minutes of your time. Without promotional discounts oil changes are approx. $32!

Coolant: Remember, in order to avoid injury, never check the coolant when the vehicle is hot. Most new cars have a “coolant reservoir” that allows you to check the levels without opening the radiator cap; it should be closer to the Low mark when cold and closer to the High mark when hot. If the level is low and fluid needs to be added, use the correct coolant concentration as recommended by the manufacturer. In order to maintain the correct PH balance of the coolant, the entire coolant should be changed out a minimum of once every two years. Doing this will ensure the integrity of the gasket materials and prevent the premature failure of many components.

Windshield Washer Fluid: Make sure and only use windshield washer fluid as it contains anti-freeze and anti-corrosion ingredients. If you use water, your reservoir will freeze and possibly crack during the winter season.

Brake Fluid: It is a good practice to bleed brakes at least once a year as moisture tends to get trapped in the brake caliper and will eventually lead to caliper replacement.

– My brakes are making a funny noise. A chirping noise or continuous squeals and grinding noises almost always mean that your brakes are in need of a mechanic’s attention immediately. Brakes are designed to give you a warning when it is time for new brake pads; if the brake pads or shoes are replaced immediately when the chirping noise begins you can avoid expensive brake rotor replacement costs that will be incurred after the indicators are worn.

Our brand new Mechanical Shop can help you with any of these services!

Car Crafters Named ‘Best of the City’ for Auto Repair Shop Category

Car Crafters was named ‘Best of the City’ for the Auto Repair category in Albuquerque the Magazine. Car Crafters is honored that we received this award from the voters in Albuquerque. The award is a testament to our commitment to being a one stop shop for all repair needs. While we have long been known for our Collision Repair, people are also starting to be recognized our superior Mechanical Repairs.

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