Fender Bender

Have you been in a fender bender and need a bumper repaired? Car Crafters is your certified auto repair facility here in Albuquerque that can handle any fender bender or other bumper repairs. Whatever end of the fender bender you find yourself on, Car Crafters can help get you back on the road here in Albuquerque.

Fender Bender Severity

Depending on the logistics of the collision, the severity of the fender bender can vary. Car Crafters always performs a full assessment of the damage using our own “X-Ray” estimating process. Some body shops may only perform a “VDA” or Visual Damage Appraisal. This is simply an estimate of the damage they can see on the outside, where the fender bender occurred. At Car Crafters, get under the bumper and make sure there is not other damage to your car. Our “X-Ray” estimating system that we use has been proven to assess all of the damage to your vehicle. Our estimates focus on the structural integrity of your vehicle in order to protect from possible collisions in the future.

Minor Fender Bender

Sometimes, there may be minor damage that can be buffed or repaired without having to replace the entire bumper. We will always use our X-Ray estimate system no matter how bad the damage is. Sometimes we find that there was in fact no further damage, and put your car in the fast lane for the necessary repairs.

Moderate Fender Bender

In more severe impact, the vehicle may require a new bumper. This takes more time because we have to order a new bumper and wait for the parts to arrive. However, the relationships we have built with our part’s suppliers allow us to get quality parts very quickly.

Severe Fender Bender

Finally, there are more severe cases in which the minor impact caused other damage to the car. If a body shop used a Visual Damage Appraisal, they may miss larger issues under the bumper. At Car Crafters, we get underneath your car and assess all of the possible damage to your vehicle. Many fender benders result in more serious damage to the frame of your vehicle. Check out an example of a fender bender that had a lot more damage than what could be seen on the exterior.

Fender Bender Example

The picture to the left was taken of a vehicle after a fender bender. The bumper looks dirty but appears to have no real structural damage. If a shop performed a VDA “Visual Damage Appraisal” on this car, they would find little if any damage.

fender bender minor damage

Here is the picture of the same car after the fender bender. This picture shows what is underneath the bumper after Car Crafters performed our X-Ray Estimate. Underneath the bumper is a major safety concern: a cracked frame.

Car Crafters is located at 600 Montano Road NE Albuquerque New Mexico, 87107. We are located between Renaissance and Edith. FREE ESTIMATES! (505) 881-8889

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