Wheel Alignment Albuquerque

Does your car need an alignment? Do you live or work close to Albuquerque? While it may not bother you to do a little extra steering, not having your vehicle aligned properly can do some serious harm. Car Crafters offers alignments in our brand new Mechanical Shop. Bring your vehicle in and one of our service advisers will get it on the alignment rack. Our service adviser will give you a free estimate for the repairs and get your car in and out as quickly as possible. Car Crafters is the top shop for wheel alignment Albuquerque.

The importance of alignment

You will get better gas mileage if your car is aligned. If your vehicle is not aligned, there will be more rolling resistance, resulting in poorer gas mileage.

Your tires will last longer. If your wheels are not aligned, they will wear more quickly in certain areas. By aligning your vehicle, your tires wear evenly.

It will save on wear on other mechanisms. Not having your vehicle aligned will begin to wear on other mechanisms. The steering system will be under a lot more stress as well as the brakes on the side of the car that it pulls towards. A car in proper alignment will save on unnecessary wear and tear.

Makes driving more comfortable. Obviously, it is much easier and more comfortable to drive without having to fight the steering wheel to keep your car driving straight.

Alignment Machines

Car Crafters has the latest, most advanced alignment machines to make sure your vehicle is properly aligned. We have a Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment Machine and a Hunter Premium R811 Alignment, 4 Camera System. The high definition cameras provide measurements for us to give your car a precise alignment.

Car Crafters is located at 600 Montano Road NE Albuquerque New Mexico, 87107. We are located between Renaissance and Edith. FREE ESTIMATES! (505) 881-8889.

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