Antifreeze & Coolant System

Did you know that in Albuquerque the coolant system and antifreeze account for the second most common reasons for vehicle failure, behind your tires. This is because of the cold New Mexico winters and the risk of water freezing in your vehicle’s engine. Antifreeze is part of the coolant system and prevents the water in your engine from freezing. Antifreeze also prevents corrosion in the coolant system. If there is corrosion in the coolant system, then the system can fail. Not having the proper antifreeze in your vehicle can cause major engine damage, requiring very expensive repairs. Making sure your car has the right mixture of water and antifreeze is a simple form of preventative maintenance that everybody should consider.

Here at Car Crafters, we will check your vehicle’s antifreeze and make sure there is enough. If not, we will add the proper amount to make sure the antifreeze to water ratio is correct. The fall months are the optimum time to get your vehicle’s antifreeze checked, before it starts getting cold. If you wait too long, the cold winter temperatures could cause damage to your engine.

Check out our NAPA Auto Care blog for more information on the coolant system and instructions on what to look for when you are checking your coolant system.

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