Keep Your Car Clean Year-round

Keep Your Car Clean Year-round

Living in Albuquerque, you’ll experience nearly all the seasons in their entirety. Sure, the summers are longer than up north, but snow comes from time to time, often leaving a beautiful display of white against the brown of the typical landscape. In all this change, you need to make sure you stay on top of your vehicle. Keeping your vehicle looking great is more than just typical maintenance.

Here are a few different, but simple, ways you can keep your vehicle looking great, throughout the year, and year after year.

Spot wash to prevent paint fading


You’ve probably seen vehicles around town where the hood and even the roof of the car seem to look bleached out, as if the paint itself has started to fade. This isn’t just because of the constant, steady sun; it actually has a lot to do with the window washing fluid you use. Repainting the vehicle can be expensive, so avoid this by washing your car at least every few weeks. Even if you don’t have the time to give it a full wash, hose your vehicle down to try and clear off some of the chemical residue.

During the winter months, you’ll want to wash your vehicle after snowstorms. Thankfully, we don’t have to deal with too much salt usage on the road, but even the slightest bit of salt helps rust to develop on your car’s under carriage. Always wash the vehicle after driving on salted roads to free and clear off this salt from underneath.

The right cleaners

Keeping the interior clear is just as important as cleaning the exterior in maintaining a beautiful vehicle. Outside of tossing up a window shade while parking, you need to also use the right cleaners inside of the vehicle. Check the labels carefully, as some cleaners are designed for plastic, others are made for leather, and some are tailored for polishing up electronics. Using the wrong cleaner can leave spots on your leather, a damaged screen or other problems; using the right cleaner helps prevent unnecessary interior damage to your vehicle and allows you to avoid expensive internal replacements and repairs.

The above are simple maintenance tips you can easily undertake yourself. For anything more serious, such as dent repair, call on us at Car Crafters.

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