Five Benefits of Getting a Coolant Flush

Albuquerque Coolant Flush

Five Benefits of Getting a Coolant Flush

The radiator on your car plays an important role throughout the year. It helps keep the engine cool while you’re driving or even when the car is idling, and it also prevents the engine from freezing up during winter when your car is sitting parked. Over time, however, this car part can dirty: the antifreeze or combination of water and antifreeze inside it may become contaminated with impurities that make keeping the engine cool and running difficult. It’s when this happens that you need to consider visiting a mechanic shop in Albuquerque for a coolant flush.

Benefits of coolant flushes in Albuquerque
Driving habits, the type of antifreeze you use, and extreme outside temperatures will help determine how often your radiator needs to be flushed. During a coolant flush, old antifreeze is pushed out, along with any contaminants that may harm your radiator or your engine. This simple maintenance step can greatly improve the life of your car and offers many benefits.

Removal of rust
Scale deposits and rust can build up in your radiator over time. Coolant flushes in Albuquerque help remove these deposits as the old antifreeze and water are pushed out. By getting rid of the scale deposits and rust inside the radiator, you reduce the chances of radiator damage and engine overheating.

Protect against rust
Once the rust is gone, along with the old antifreeze, you don’t want it coming back. New antifreeze will be introduced into the system, which will contain additives that help prevent rust from forming on the inside of the radiator again.

Coolant system inspection
A coolant flush often involves more than just flushing out old antifreeze. While your car is in the mechanic shop in Albuquerque, your mechanic will also look for leaks in the radiator system that could lead to further radiator or engine damage.

Pump lubrication
As your auto mechanic in Albuquerque introduces new coolant to the radiator system, the water pump is lubricated by the additives in the antifreeze. This helps keep the water pump running longer and better.

Get rid of contaminants
One of the most beneficial reasons behind a coolant flush is the removal of old contaminants that may be present in the car’s existing coolant. These contaminants are dangerous to the car’s system, as they cause the coolant to lose its anti-corrosive properties. This can lead to rust buildup and radiator corrosion over time if it is not taken care of. A coolant flush gets rid of the contaminants.

Keep your engine cool and running right throughout the year with an occasional coolant flush. It will extend the life of your radiator, engine and water pump. Give us a call today to see how we can assist you.

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