Common Mechanical Problems to Look Out For

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Common Mechanical Problems to Look Out For

Owning a car is liberating, but maintaining it can be stressful, especially when things go wrong while out on the road and you’re faced with an expensive tow bill. By contacting Car Crafters in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a regular service you can nip these five most likely mechanical problems in the bud, and keep your vehicle running at optimum performance.

1. Brake trouble

If your brakes are making alarming noises, such as squealing, this is definitely a sign that something is afoot; the brake pads could be worn down and might need replacing, for example. Take notice of whether the brakes are pressing down normally. Is it taking too much or too little foot pressure to get them working? That should be another red flag highlighting that the brakes need to be looked at by a professional quickly.

2. Alignment

Cars that are misaligned can be quite dangerous. Is your steering wheel pulling too much to the right or left side? Is the pressure in your tires correct, yet the steering is still listing to one side or another? If so, you likely need to have your car re-aligned.

3. Coolant and antifreeze system

Your car should always contain the correct levels of antifreeze, especially in winter, in case of poor weather. It’s simple to check this yourself, but if you’re not sure, a specialist mechanic can give your vehicle the once-over for you.

4. Oil changes

Oil is the lifeblood of the vehicle and not topping it up can completely ruin a car. It is a matter of remembering and keeping up with it at regular intervals. The oil should be changed every 5,000 miles if you regularly drive in severe weather, and every 10,000 in more temperate conditions. Contact us if you’re not sure how to monitor your levels.

5. Diesel mechanic problems

Trucks and some buses are powered by diesel. They require periodic maintenance, as do gasoline-powered vehicles. Sometimes, they need upgrades of catalytic converters to keep the emissions clean. In particular, they need to have the filters changed on time, or they will stop running efficiently.

In addition to solving these five common mechanical problems, Car Crafters provides a variety of other services, including body overhaul, glass repair and mechanical adjustments. Body overhaul includes scratch, dent and fender repair. Car Crafters also assists with repairs that occurred due to inclement weather conditions, like hail.

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