Car Crafters Body Shop Apprenticeship

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Start at an entry level position and be promoted to a B-Technician in as little as 3-4 years, making $70,000+!


  • We provide new hires in our body shop program a complete set of tools to start their career. After a grace period of employment, the tools are 100% yours and you get an immediate bump in pay!
  • Our expertly crafted training program lays out the steps to become a high earning body technician or painter in as little as 3-4 years. 
  • We pay for all of your training and certifications that you need to advance in your career.

We provide you with a fully loaded toolbox to start your career!

Getting a Job with Car Crafters

  • Start making money right away ($26,500-$32,000) first year wages based on $12 an hour at start and $15 an hour once your preliminary toolbox period is up.
  • We give you a full toolbox, a training program to follow, AND pay for all of your training and certifications ($10,000+ in value over 4 years)
  • Be making $70,000+ by year 4 just by following the training program
  • And that is just the START! Some of our most experienced body men and painters make $100,000+!

Going to College

  • Pay your own money to go to school for 4+ years ($20,000-$60,000)*
  • Pay for books, course fees, etc.
  • Hopefully you land a job after your 4 years making the average of around $50,000 per year*

If You Are Serious About A High Paying Career Working On Cars, Don’t Wait, Apply Today!

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